12/0910h00ABotswana 2-0 MalawiWolfson Stadium
12/0913h00CEswatini 3-4 UgandaWolfson Stadium
12/0915h30ASouth Africa 2-1 MadagascarWolfson Stadium
13/0910h00CZimbabwe 1-0 NamibiaWolfson Stadium
13/0913h00BCameroon 8-1 MozambiqueWolfson Stadium
13/0915h30BZambia 2-0 LesothoWolfson Stadium
14/0910h00AMadagascar 0-2 MalawiWolfson Stadium
14/0913h00CZimbabwe 3-0 EswatiniWolfson Stadium
14/0915h30ABotswana 0-1 South AfricaWolfson Stadium
15/0910h00BLesotho 1-2 MozambiqueWolfson Stadium
15/0913h00CNamibia 0-0 UgandaWolfson Stadium
15/0915h30BZambia 1-0 CameroonWolfson Stadium
17/0913h00CZimbabwe 1-2 UgandaWolfson Stadium
17/0913h00CEswatini 1-4 NamibiaWestbourne Oval
17/0915h30ASouth Africa 6-0 MalawiWolfson Stadium
17/0915h30ABotswana 0-0 MadagascarWestbourne Oval
18/0915h00BZambia 3-0 MozambiqueWolfson Stadium
18/0915h00BCameroon 6-0 LesothoWestbourne Oval
20/0913h00M19Zambia 0-1 CameroonWolfson Stadium
20/0915h30M20South Africa 2-0 UgandaWolfson Stadium
21/0915h00M21Zambia 0-1 UgandaWolfson Stadium
22/0912h00M22Cameroon 1-2 South AfricaWolfson Stadium

About Us

The Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA) was established by the Supreme Council of Sports in Africa – Zone 6. It brings together 14 nations of Southern Africa under a single umbrella, with the goal of developing the game of football in the region.

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