Competitive football returns to Comoros Islands

Competitive football is set to return to the Comoros Islands this weekend after government gave the green light for the top-flight and national cup to continue their 2020 season.

Football has been on hold for the last five months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a Council of Ministers meeting this past weekend has given permission for competitions to continue, though behind closed doors and under strict health and safety conditions.

“The federation has provided us with health guarantees and the government, after consulting the Scientific Council, has given its agreement for the resumption of competitions,” Minister of Sports Nourdine Ben Ahmed said.

The move by the ministry has been to allow Comoros to put forward their participants in the 2020-21 CAF Champions League and Confederation Cup competitions.

The three regional league tables have been frozen as they are, meaning the top sides will now advance to the national phase of competition.

Fomboni FC head the Mwali league, FC Ouani lead Ndzuani and US Zilimadjou are on top in Ngazidja, meaning those three sides will now fight it out for the national title in a round-robin format.

All of these matches will take place at the Malouzini International Stadium near Moroni.

The Comoros Cup will also be concluded, starting with a clash on Sunday between Gombessa Sport and Ngazi Sport in the Ndzuani league to see which of those teams advance to the semifinals.

Already waiting there are Ouragan Club, Volcan Club and US Zilimadjou.

The Ministry has, however, said that the division two and three seasons will not be completed, leaving the Comoros Football Federation to decide a method for promotion and relegation.