Costa do Sol to enter CAF Champions League

Mozambican champions Costa do Sol will participate in the next edition of the African Champions League despite concerns over costs, the club’s president Jeremias da Costa has confirmed.

“We have the support of our main sponsor, EDM (Eletricidade de Moçambique) to sign up and participate in the Champions League. We will do so as soon as registration is open,” he told reporters.

There had been doubts whether Costa do Sol would participate because of the financial crisis that Mozambican clubs find themselves in because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Da Costa had previously expressed skepticism about participating in the 2020-21 Champions League this year. Football in Mozambique remains suspended with date to restart.

Costa do Sol, under the helm of the Portuguese coach Horácio Gonçalves, won the MocamBola for the first time in 12 years.