Swaziland to benefit from FIFA GOAL project

The Football Association of Swaziland (FAS) will benefit from two FIFA GOAL projects in the country with two technical centres to be established in Mkhuzweni and Ka-Langa.

The newly-constructed centres will provide for excellence on and off the pitch, with footballing and administrative facilities.

The money for the projects comes directly from FIFA’s GOAL campaign, which seeks to improve football facilities around the world.

FAS CEO Frederick Mngometulu says they are to submit their reports to FIFA in the coming months.

“We are expected to table the first report in March before FIFA while the second report will be submitted later this year,” he told the Swazi Observer.

“The funding for the two projects come direct from FIFA and are aimed at professionalising regional football in the country.

“This will present a great opportunity for regional teams as the centres will be accessible to them. This is something that will play a major role in transforming the sport.

“The two centres will also accommodate youth development programmes which will play a major role to help the country produce future national stars.”

Mngometulu added that the country had set a target of hosting future COSAFA events to as to raise the profile of Swazi football.

“It has been a while since we hosted such tournaments and we would like to host some of these youth competitions in the upcoming years.

“We have to make sure we have all required facilities, but it is definitely part of our priority and wish to stage international competitions in future.”